IPC Certified Trainer
Tel: 07912 077445 Email: enquiries@stemtraining.co.uk

'STEM Training' was formed in 2008, as an independent training company

"Our ethos is to deliver professional, flexible & competitive on-site training programs, as 'en bloc' or individual days"

Personal Experience:

3 Years CAA- Heathrow Airport
Air Traffic Engineer, Nav Aids, Onsite Test & Repair (DME, ILS, IRVR).

2 Years British Rail – Electronic Repair Centre, Swindon
Technical Officer, Repair & Modification of High Speed Train control modules

19 Years - WESSEX TECHNOLOGY GROUP (Formerly Wessex Electronics Ltd)
Chief Test Technician to Production and Skills Manager
Design & Manufacture of Military, Medical & Commercial RF/Microwave amplifier systems (from '1 off' prototypes to large volume production)