IPC Certified Trainer
Tel: 07912 077445 Email: enquiries@stemtraining.co.uk

So what do 'STEM Training' do?

We deliver Bespoke & IPC Training Programs for manufacturers, that supply electronic / electrical products for Military, Medical, Commercial or Consumer applications

  • Perhaps you have the need to manufacture to an accredited, internationally recognised standard, in order to win or maintain contracts or wish to fulfil ‘ISO-9001-2000’ & ‘Investors in People’ training requirements?
  • Maybe you have an unacceptable level of assembly rejects affecting Quality, Cost & Delivery?
  • Do you require a flexible and professional body to train operators?
  • Maybe you need to raise the morale of your manufacturing workforce, by training & rewarding with an accredited & personal credential?
  • Perhaps you have ongoing supplier quality issues or simply wish to get ahead of the competition?

Email us enquiries@stemtraining.co.uk or call 07912 077445 for further details.

If you haven't a clue what IPC Certification is all about, then call us and we can help explain. Alternatively you can view our 'Training Programs' page for an overview of each course that we run.

Hand Solder Skills

Hot Air Rework

Lead and Lead Free

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